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Myrtle Beach Wedding featuring Photographer, Florist, Cake, Caterer, Reception, Honeymoon, Wedding Planner, Videographer, Limo, DJs, Day Spa, Bridal Wear, Jewelry, amd Officiant

Myrtle Beach Wedding Planning

Day Spa Bridal Services
Honeymoon Suites, Specials
Cakes, Cupcakes, Grooms Cakes
Flowers, Florists
Catering, Caterers
Venues, Reception, Rehearsal
DJ, Music, Bands
Limo, Limousine, Party Bus
Officiant, Clergy, Minister
Videographer, Wedding Video
Jewelry, Bridesmaid / Grooms Gifts
Bridal Shops, Wedding Dresses
Wedding Planner, Coordinator

Myrtle Beach wedding planning can be fun and easy using our wedding professionals who have the experience you need.

They have special expertise in weddings in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Pawleys Island, Litchfield Beach and Debordieu.

We can help you organize your plans with our FREE service to keep track of each company by creating your very own wedding plan online.

Please select from our list of wedding planning categories to find a wedding professional who will make sure your special day goes exactly as you have dreamed of.

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Bride and Groom Feedback

"My mom and dad have a beach house on Pawleys where I had my wedding. Our guest list was a small group of close friends and relatives since it was in the backyard of the house and we also held the reception there. It all turned out really well for everyone and there was not as much stress with the planning process since we were in familiar surroundings. Our budget was so much less than a traditional wedding and it gave us extra money to get set up in our new condo."
Sheela L. - Georgetown, SC

"When we were planning our Myrtle Beach wedding, we found the perfect honeymoon package as one of our first steps and ended up deciding to have the whole wedding ceremony and reception there too. So far it’s all working out great and our friends and family are excited to have a reason to be at the beach this summer."
Ashley and Dave M. - Charlotte, NC

"I grew up going to Myrtle Beach every summer and that is where I fell in love fore the first time at 15 and who knew that 10 years later I would marry the same guy. It made it kinda easy to plan the wedding because we knew all the places but the hardest part was picking a ceremony location because we didn’t really want a beach wedding because of the risk involved with the weather so we ended up a little south at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront at Surfside Beach. The whole staff was wonderful and we made a lot of the wedding plans right from their website which made the process a lot easier. Our guests stayed in the hotel and we got their awesome honeymoon suite which comes with incredible room service."
Tina and Sean K. - Newberry, SC

"Wanted to let you know that we had our rehearsal dinner at Olivers in Murrells Inlet where eating there on vacation has been a tradition of ours for years. They let us decorate the both dining rooms even though we were only in the waterfront dining room. It was an awesome evening with great seafood and excellent service."
Kimberly and Dane Q. - Gaffney, SC

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